Rev. Milton Seymore hello Message

A Welcome message from Rev. Milton Seymore
Energized Baptist Church is the epicenter of Seventh Street.  We offer hope and light to dim areas of the city,  we are a church of many denominations” I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all newcomers to our church and website. If you are a first time visitor we will hope that you will come back and be a part of Energized. We are unique because we offer a challenge to those who are looking for a challenge. Maybe you want to be an outreach member, missionary, or be a part of kingdom building. Let me tell you a little about Energized Baptist Church. The reason we offer so many church and career opportunities is because there are so many people who would like to be missionaries but don’t have the funds or opportunities to go overseas. We can offer that here on Seventh St. There is plenty of work for everyone. We want to build up from a plighted community to a livable community. Do you have six months to a year and you truly want to work on a mission field? If so, come and help us in our battle?”Contact  Rev. Milton Seymore(502) 931-8525

Energized baptist church is

Big enough to Hold you and Small enough to know You

About:Kingdom building
The Great Commission, to spread the Gospel all over the world;
Home and community empowerment
The uncompromised Gospel, preached straight-up!


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About energizedbc

We are a great church family on 7th street in the heart of Louisville, Ky.
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  1. Renee Jester says:

    Hi Uncle

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